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For creatives. By creatives. Located in sunny LA, SUPERCRITICAL is an entertainment industry marketing agency that specializes in bringing creative media brands to life. Born from the increasing demands of our acclaimed sister company, video game creative agency, WAYPOINT, we recognized the industry’s cry for a marketing agency specializing in user experience in addition to traditional methods. We see innovation in technology and media every day, and it’s clear that print ads and local commercials are losing the effectiveness they once had.

We give brands the assets they need to level up their creative marketing strategies through e-commerce, licensed merch, and immersive activations, because we know that customer experience defines a brand. Whether that means a gamer bragging about a limited edition collectible figure they were able to snag, a water bottle sporting a favorite team logo, or a superfan getting to pose by a life-size version of their favorite movie creature, SUPERCRITICAL is committed to helping you build an experience your fans remember for a lifetime.

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Hologram Demo

As much as we value a thorough and compelling marketing strategy, we have to admit that some things are able to sell themselves just based on their nature. We don’t need to tell you that holograms are just … cool! The icing on the cake is that, when integrated properly with an experiential marketing campaign they actually have a lot of additional benefits. Holograms allow you to show off intricate 360 views of things that would otherwise exist only in fantasy – giving your fans an exclusive experience, premier 3D footage like battle sequences and action shots, and make a bold statement on your commitment to innovation and immersive technology.

Square Enix came to SUPERCRITICAL with a clear goal in mind: Start a buzz and build up anticipation about their new title, NieR: Automata. Because the game is all about the battle waging between advanced robots and what remains of human society in a far off dystopian future, we knew we needed to embrace technology and use it as an anchor point for marketing a game so closely related to the future of human tech.

We created a custom hologram display of assets from the game, including characters and gameplay footage. This allowed fans to not only learn more info about the game and its characters, but experience a more natural immersion into the world by using next-level technology.

Summoner's War Table

Some of the best things about open world and complex fantasy games are the character design, world design, and the lore. Since we knew Summoner’s War provides all of those things and takes a lot of pride in the world they created, we knew they were going to need something that shined a spotlight on those areas.

It was easy for us to determine that creating a replica model of the game’s Sky Arena was the way to go, but the challenge was trying to translate a small 2D map display into a huge 3D table. We meticulously picked apart every detain of the game’s map, and then drew out a larger version to scale with the table build, and got to work! Our team of artists hand sculpted and painted all of the figures every inch of this impressive model to create an up-close and personal view of a player-favorite area of the game.

Life Size Chocobo Statue

Life Size Chocobo Statue

Proper branding should be a part of any company’s marketing strategy, and when that brand involves a mascot, something magical happens. When a character becomes synonymous with the brand itself, it carves new paths for marketing opportunities that don’t necessarily feel like marketing to the fans.

For the release of Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix already had in mind that their E3 activation was going to be for the fans, in the form of a life-size Chocobo statue players could take pictures with or even ride! From start to finish, SUPERCRITICAL handled the entire construction from initial illustrations to full-build fabrication and posing. We even made sure to include textured feathering and intricate paint details, a backdrop inspired by the world of the game, and safety instructions on how to properly sit on the statue. You can check out the amazing time fans had posing with the Chocobo on Twitter at: twitter.com/hashtag/2fat2chocobo

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Website

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Website

A company website should serve two main purposes: telling customers more about the company and product or services they offer, and working as a cohesive part of the branding and marketing strategy. But in addition to the information that goes on a website, there are a number of behind the scenes boxes to check to ensure a professional website with engaging content, intuitive UX, and pleasing visuals.

Inspired by the rangers themselves, The SUPERCRITICAL graphic design and web development teams joined forces to build an informative, on-brand website for Power Rangers. We made sure to incorporate a modern layout design, ample space for displaying media assets, and a live feed from the Power Rangers’ social media channels – making the site a one-stop-shop for Power Rangers Legacy Wars fans.

Oasis Games PAX Booth & Cosplay

Booths at conventions and expos are a lot like high school lockers. You keep all of your stuff in there, invite people to converse around it, and you decorate it with stickers, designs, and little touches of home. In the same way, the walls and area of your booth are great real-estate for incorporating more branding and marketing. Custom booths can not only help create a bigger and bolder experience for fans, but are also a great way to deck out your area in imagery and branding that helps other potential customers find you in crowded exhibitor halls.

Excited about their PAX booth, Oasis Games came to SUPERCRITICAL knowing they’d need some eye-catching visuals to promote a few upcoming title releases. Our graphic design team studied game assets from Oasis to create stunning images in conjunction with a custom built booth and assembly to help tell the story of Oasis Games to PAX East. The SUPERCRITIAL team also brought in cosplayers dressed as the games’ characters to pose and interact with fans.

Naruto Website

Naruto Website

Sometimes the issue isn’t whether or not a company has a website, but whether the website is doing its job in terms of engaging and converting customers. Having an outdated, uninformative, or unengaging website can sometimes be just as big a handicap as not having a site at all. Because your website may be your first impression to potential customers, it should always have up to date information and consistent branding with your current image.

SUPERCRITICAL remodeled the Naruto Online website, from designing the layout and creating the color scheme to handling the web development and user experience. We made sure to include a space to display playable characters and their stats, as well as incorporate a responsive motion design to give the site a feeling of fluidity and keep visitors engaged.

Mobile Strike Landing Page

When marketers think of landing pages, they usually imagine text loaded pages with sales-heavy copy, unapologetically branded blogs, or never-ending popups for white papers or ebooks. The truth is, landing pages can be just as creative and fun as the rest of your marketing strategy, and depending on the message you’re trying to get across to your brand’s fans and potential visitors, maybe it should be.

The team at Mobile Strike knew they needed a landing page that would get players pumped about the game without boring them with too much copy. The SUPERCRITICAL team created an interactive landing page that lets players use attacks to break down a fortress housing a military compound through an animated website takeover, effectively creating a mini game before even getting to the bulk of the site’s content.

Nyko.com Website

Not all websites are created equally, and while housing only content is good for some brands, others offer products or services that would benefit from having an ecommerce site customers can purchase from. With an online storefront, brands should be able to list their products, catalogue merchandise, and handle transactions.

The SUPERCRITAL team of graphic designers and web developers built a custom, fully responsive ecommerce website for Nyko to list and sell products. We made sure to keep intuitive UX in mind, while creating an open source CMS that allows their team to track content and sales data.



Events & Activations

Experience equals emotion, so if you want your fans to have strong feelings about your brand, you better give them an experience they won’t forget! Creating a one-of-a-kind, totally immersive experience for your fans not only associates your brand with good memories, but it also motivates them to organically spread the word of your company. SUPERCRITICAL creates cosplay props & weapons, custom booth constructions, and audio-visual projections to create immersive worlds for your fans to revel in.


SUPERCRITICAL understands that on the web, “Content is King”, and there’s no boss we’re too afraid to take on! Our carefully curated and experienced team of web developers, UX/UI designers, copywriters, and creatives are skilled at producing engaging and industry-relevant web content to drive your inbound and content marketing campaigns.

AR & Interactive Video

Gamers love popping in and out of different worlds, which is why the staff at SUPERCRITICAL is all about breaking boundaries between virtual reality and real-life. Incorporate the latest augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360 video technologies into your experiential marketing to offer your fans next-level interactivity with your brand.


It doesn’t matter the genre – fans love merch! Kick back and watch the fruits of your labor roll in as your products fly off the virtual shelves from your own eccomerce store. SUPERCRITICAL will operate your web storefront 100% turnkey, handling the design, development, catalog management, analytics & search, and dashboard.


Got a breakout character your fans love, or cool logo designs for your game’s different factions? Put them on a T-shirt! Branded merchandise is a great way for fans to simultaneously support and spread the word about your company. We’ll take care of the product design & marketing, manufacturing, promotional apps, and content marketing, ensuring a quality product that your fans know how to find.


Opening a storefront is exciting business! But it’s also, business…business, and we know it can be hectic operating a company, expanding to new markets, and maintaining a high standard of quality for the product or service you offer. SUPERCRITICAL manages all of your eccomerce logistics including customer service, payments, security, tax & compliance, and API integration to provide your brand with a seamless, smoothly operating store with no additional work for you.

Let's talk about getting people talking

Let's talk about getting people talking