Meet SUPERCRITICAL: The Experiential Entertainment Agency


We’re marketers. We’re artists. We’re designers. We’re builders. We’re web developers. We’re writers. We’re creatives. We’re SUPERCRITICAL.

Located in Sunny LA, SUPERCRITICAL is an experiential marketing agency specializing in entertainment industry clients. We help brands spread awareness to existing and new customers through next-level creative marketing initiatives designed for modern consumers. We know that experiences drive emotion, which is why we painstakingly put detailed thought into every custom activation or asset that we build with a particular brand in mind. Because we know that every brand has a story to tell, and we want to help you find the right voice to tell yours.

All well established brands know that innovation is key to staying relevant, so as society continues to make more technological and immersive advancements, it’s important for brands to stay up to date with industry trends and keep up with their demographic’s interest. But don’t be fooled, as much as this is about adopting new innovation, it’s also about keeping up with Joneses, because the last thing you want to see is your brand losing customers to a competitor who’s able to offer your audience something that you weren’t.

So how can a marketing agency help you put your best foot forward? Well, one that specializes in the entertainment industry should not only be familiar with the ins and outs of media and gaming production, but the unique niche demographics and interests of those fans, from gamers, to anime enthusiasts, to scifi lovers. An agency that has experience creating events for your target audience, as well as the manpower to professionally and seamlessly pull them off.

Thinking of reaching out to an experiential marketing agency to give your entertainment industry brand the voice it deserves? Here are three reasons to take the plunge!

Set It and Forget It

A marketing agency’s biggest appeal might be that it does the heavy lifting for you, and that goes a long way. It’s easy for people to underestimate just how much time it takes to plan, well anything – let alone a huge event or activation that’s supposed to entertain thousands of people. Think about the last party you threw, and how you forgot cups and had to ask a guest to bring some, and then you ran out of drinks and had to leave the event to make a run for more supplies. That sort of thing doesn’t get any easier with large scale events.

A good agency will have a turnkey handle on all of your events from conception to completion. While planning big experiential marketing events, designing new merch for your brand, and hosting huge parties might be the fun parts of work, they’re still an additional part of work. We know that entertainment industry executives, marketing teams, and decision makers are constantly busy, and you shouldn’t have to be burdened with more work. If your marketing efforts are distracting you from your daily work, or your normal tasks require more attention than you can’t part with, something is going to suffer.

Going with an agency should make the marketing process easier for you and your team, not add more work. At SUPERCRITICAL, we’re devoted building your vision without taking time away from your already busy schedule, which is why we maintain a partner network and talented staff of creative industry professionals ready to put their skills to use on any project we take on. You give us your vision, and we’ll bring it to life.

Jack of All Trades

When we talk about experiential marketing, we’re really using an umbrella term that can reference several different things. An expo booth, an interactive activation, custom merchandise, and branded websites are all examples of ways brands can use experiences to market themselves.

There’s no minimum or limit on the number of tactics your brand can use, but combining more than one effectively can have real positive impacts on your awareness. The only hiccup is that sometimes these can turn into more small tasks or individual projects than you have time to manage, and outsourcing to several different partners can leave too many hands in the pot and result in a chaotic or sloppy end result.

Because agencies often offer multiple services, if you’re planning to launch a large campaign with a couple of different facets to it, choosing an agency may be the way to go. For one thing, you’ll be able to save time explaining your brief to one company rather than going over the same spiel to a handful of freelancers or trying to outsource contractors. The other perk is that you can be sure all of your branding stays consistent throughout your entire campaign, regardless of the medium or combination of experiences you’re planning.

For instance, an entertainment industry brand launching a new animated series could utilize SUPERCRITICAL to design and build a booth activation for a trade show, design and produce custom merchandise featuring favorite characters and quotes, and design and build a custom website with a fully functioning eccommerce store to sell the merch to the new fans it gets from the activation. Using one company for all of that ensures consistency in branding and quality of work, with a strategy that is designed to work together.

Here to Help

Sometimes, brands know that they need to kick their marketing into gear, but they’re not sure exactly what needs to happen or how it works. An experienced agency will be able to walk you through all of the details and requirements of your ask, and help you incorporate it into your marketing strategy. And if it’s something they’ve never done before, your agency should still be competent enough to work out the logistics of turning your dream into a reality.

On the flipside however, the technology or feasibility doesn’t always exist to bring our wildest fantasies to life, and sometimes an idea just might not be doable. A good agency will be able to tell you how and where an initial idea might miss the mark, but they’ll give you guidance to what they know will work and can be successfully pulled off.

But what if you’re not so creative? That’s ok, too. The SUPERCRITICAL team is made up of creative professionals with real marketing and entertainment industry experience who are qualified to help you build out your dream activation. Just tell us the goals for your marketing campaign, any features of your brand you’d like us to highlight, or any general ideas for the direction you want things to go and we’ll work with you to create an experience you and your fans will love.

Still on the fence about what an experiential marketing agency can do for your entertainment industry brand? Check out our work to see some amazing examples of what we’ve done for media brands on projects ranging from custom web development, to full booth builds, custom merch, and more! Don’t see your idea up there? Contact us! You may be just the brand to bring a new idea to life!

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